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Last Post 03 Jan 2016 02:01 PM by  SuperUser Account
SEO and Digital Marketing
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03 Jan 2016 02:01 PM
    Here is an article we just recently published on Facebook:

    Is your social media efforts a two way street?
    As I dive into using social media to promote business, I am discovering that often we are doing a one way thing.
    Come up with some content, post, come up with more content, post again. Did we get any results?
    So this morning I was reading about Primark a big success in the UK and now trying to establish itself in the US of A. On a sidenote the company is owned by the Weston's (yup the Canadian Weston's). To quote the article (Bloomberg) , "Primark doesn't sell online and barely advertises.Instead, customers advertise it for free, posting thousands of selfies with their latest outfits, using the ‪#‎Primania‬ hashtag to be rated and critiqued. The best images get cycled onto giant in-store LED screens to spur impulse buying."
    So this is a beautiful plan, encourage your customers towards social media which then grows exponentially in what I would suggest is like a feedback loop.
    customer --> social media --->other potential customers ---> social media
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