Our Canadian Data Center

Calgary, Alberta Canada is one of the best locations in North America to operate a web hosting Data Center. It is extremely low risk for geological and other natural disasters.  

Calgary has unparalleled Internet connectivity. 

Our infrastructure provider is Telus Corp and the facilities we lease from them are fully secured and fully reliable. A true World Class facility.

It is easy to say the above things but what about proof. In 2013 Alberta experienced extensive flooding that wreaked havoc with many towns and also our downtown core. During this flood episode that carried on for several days, we did not experience a single moment of down time.  

Inside our Canadian Data Center

 co-location cage                 Biometric Scanner                  
 Co-location cage
Biometric Scanner  Entry Keypad 

High Performance

Power - We have it covered with redundancy & really big generators

Security -We focus on it and our upstream does too, that is why we like them.

.Reliability - In a Tier 1 data center it goes without saying.

Speed - Faster than a speeding bullet, light speed actually!

We know how important our services we provde you are. We pay a premium to get the best.