Managed Web Hosting

Keeping your site secure, requires regular updates to the base code. Whether you are using DNN (DotNetNuke) or one of the popular PHP based content management systems, Chinook Webs can assist with our update service as new vulnerabilities and exploits are found. All this for a reasonable cost.

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Call : 403-457-6382  OR Sales  @  for email.

Coming soon:  

Managed Wordpress Hosting for Canada.

If you are looking for set it and forget worry free wordpress hosting, then Chinook Webs is hard at work putting together a complete solution. We will be featuring:

Security - we focus an inordinate amount of time on security issues.

Speed - Fast servers, fast internet connections, everything optimized to provide snappy response.

Reliability - Best of breed hardware plus redundant BGP routing guarantees our uptime.

Updates - We will make sure your application is kept up to date.

Backups - reliable frequent backups just in case.

Technical Support -let our specialists put their knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Sandbox - Our clone tool can easily create a copy of your site for development and testing.

Scalability - our platform and our population policies ensure your site can scale up.