October 2013, Our recently launched super + mail plans are available and yes early adopters love 'em. The evolution of email has been multiple devices all needing to be in "sync". (same information). Today people often have:

office computer + laptop for travel + tablet + smartphone -----> all hitting the same mail server!

We have adapted & evolved , ask us today about our super + plans!


I have heard from many customers who still link into this site in order to get their email, so as a courtesy this page will remain enabled.


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Dear customers:

As many of you are no doubt aware, Chinook Webs Inc & Ezpost merged back in 2004. Now in 2011 there has been another small change in management with the result being that Wolfgang Leonhardt is the sole owner of the combined companies. In order to move forward with a consistent brand it is important for us to use the Chinook Webs name and the Chinook Webs site. You can reach it by clicking www.chinookwebs.com .

Did you know that Chinook Webs has launched a new anti-spam / anti-virus product? It is based on Barracuda Networks the acknowledged leader in anti-spam. It is a premium service and only costs $1.25 per mailbox per month for existing hosting customers. If you need to get emails from around the world and are tired of "false positives" this is the service for you. It is incredibly easy to switch over, you continue to use all your same settings, we do all the work on the back end.

Did you also know, the fastest way to get support answers is by email: support@chinookwebs.com . What happens then is that a ticket is opened in our support system and is assgined as required. We monitor the ticket system all day and even well into the evening. If for some reason you are having difficulty with getting emal then you can also in a web browser go to http://support.chinookwebs.com and there you will find a login to the ticket system and our knowledgebase with helpful articles.