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Email continues to be the most important and most critical tool that businesses of all size use. Chinook Webs not only understands this but it has become one of our most critical core services. We continually improve our email handling services through software updates, larger capacities and innovative offerings.

Way back in 2002 when we first began our web hosting, a single desktop that would "pop" the mail was by far the most common scenario. Today our customers expect that email is in perfect sync between their smartphone, their tablet and their computer. Along with that the email needs to be free of viruses and spam.  The user interfaces (for example webmail) need to be intuitive and full featured.  For Canadian customers it is often critical that email servers are located within Canadian borders. Our servers are in Calgary, Alberta.

Here is an overview of our email services:

Basic POP3 email (no smtp/outbound) , antispam/antivirus is an optional add on.  This type of account is typically for very light use and for email accounts that have not been found by spammers. Pricing begins at $xx per year for 5 accounts. - This plan is discontinued however, existing customers on this plan may continue their renewals on this plan.

Super + email
5 GB of storage per mailbox
POP3/IMAP +SMTP (outbound) email accounts
Barracuda Anti-virus/Anti-spam
Groupware (shared calendaring, contacts etc)
This service is very similar to what you might get with an Exchange server
Pricing begins at $8.00 per month per mailbox (aliases are free)

On location or Hosted Dedicated Mail Server
When a shared scenario just won't do, we can provide a server at your location or perhaps a VPS at our location. This would be a fully managed scenario and would meet the needs of small and medium businesses. Typically 10 to 200 users. Call us for a quote on your needs.

Our main phone number is 403-457-6382 or email   sales   @