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If you have a need to colocate 1 to 5 servers you have come to the right spot.

By sharing our facilities, you can achieve Tier 1 service at a reasonable price.

Call us today to get a quote.  403-457-6382

How we price $

Your colocation pricing is based on three factors:

Size - how much of our rack space you need  (how many U's you use up)

Power - How many standard electrical plugs you require (up to 1.5 amps per)

Bandwidth - How blazingly fast do you require your connection to be (we price on speed not data used)

Please note we are no longer accepting systems that are not in rackmount cases.
Please also note, all data center visits are escorted.

Example pricing scenario:

1 U server using two power supplies requiring 1.5 mbps of bandwidth.
rackspace - $20
Power - 2X $25=$50
Bandwidth  $100

Total monthly $170.00 (plus applicable taxes)