February 10, 2016 – Calgary Alberta


Chinook Webs Inc and Atrema Technologies Inc. have today come to an agreement whereby effective March 1, 2016  Atrema Technologies Inc will acquire a 50 % percent interest in Chinook Webs Inc.  Going forward Chinook Webs Inc , an Atrema Technologies  Company will specialize in the hosting assets that Chinook Webs and Atrema contribute to the deal.


Chinook Webs Inc is a local provider of quality web hosting solutions.  Atrema is a local provider of web applications programming and managed IT services.


It is envisioned that this agreement will add significant resources and depth of expertise to both companies.


Visit for more information about Atrema Technologies

Update March 5, 2015 2:31 pm

From Rogers:

"Shaw Business NOC provided us with an update that the issue with MPLS network has been mitigated now and they are not expecting any further impact. Shaw Business engineers worked with the hardware vendor on this and found a software bug in one of the monitoring modules that was causing a buffer saturation problem. The CFM function has been disabled to stabilize the service, and a CPM failover (non-impacting) is being performed every four hours today to keep the buffers clear so that it can then be monitored overnight to ensure everything remains stable. Shaw Business has been provided a patch/new version of the software that should permanently fix the bug, and that will be tested in Shaw Business labs for a while before it gets applied.


Thank you for your patience with this issue.


An Incident Report for the outages will be provided to you as we obtain one from Shaw Business ( within 5 business days or sooner )."

Update March 5, 2015 12:23 pm

Here is what Rogers has to say about the ongoing issues:

"Shaw Business is still troubleshooting the issue.
This has been escalated to Shaw Business VP of Operations.
We will keep you updated if there are any changes in the status."

March 4, 2015

Update 11:08 pm:   "Shaw Business shared info that there will be some changes done at 1:00AM so there is a possibility of an outage during that time."

I do truly apologize to my customer base. We seem to have had yet another outage tonight.  This one began about 6:55 PM MST and lasted approximately 30 minutes. I do not have any details yet.  

I would like to say we are going to do everything we can to get some redundancy so this does not keep happening. Unfortunately, getting the redundancy in place may take a bit of time.  Please be patient with us.



Outage March 3 2015

Dear customers,

Unfortunately we endured another outage from our upstream provider today. It ran about 2 hours form 6:58pm through to 8:58 pm .


February 26, 2015

Our upstream provider, (shaw, bigpipe) experienced an issue with a main router. This impacted our services for about 20-30 minutes.  This occurred during the early evening hours. Currently they are working with their equipment vendor to restore full redundancy.  This means the service they are providing to us is operational but still requires the failed component to be replaced.

Data Centre Migration

February 22, 2015

I am pleased to announce that as of  today, our migration to the new datacentre is complete.

News and Information


Update: Saturday July 26 3:30 pm.  The server migration has been completed and tested.

This weekend (begin July 25), the ML1ME server will be moved to the new datacentre and also targeted for a software upgrade.

Phased Migration to new datacentre

Over the next 1 year, we will be doing a phased migration to a new datacentre. Currently our upstream provider is Telus and we are migrating to Rogers. The connectivity is being provided by Shaw (Big Pipe).

The phased migration will include more speed and various software upgrades. Please check back to these pages for current activity related to this.

ICE 4 upgrade

October 29, 2013 - We will be doing some maintenance on the network at approximately 10 pm this evening. There may be multiple short outages as the work is performed.  We anticipate that this will be complete within 30 minutes.

Update October 16th - The migration went ahead yesterday.

Update October 15th  - Sorry another smaller delay, the icewarp people had a holiday on Monday. Next target is today (15th ) after business hours

Update October 12  - the project will be delayed till Monday (14th)  due to an unforseen license issue.

This coming weekend (October 12-13), we will be upgrading the ICE4 system to a newer operating system.

This will allow us to increase the memory / resources assigned to the system and should provide a vast improvement in performance, particularly for webmail users.

For the technically minded, here is the process that will be followed.

export all users & settings 

Copy the exported file to an already provisioned server, then import.

Synchronize all mail folders between both servers

Adjust IP addreses to point to the new server

expected impact on users:  minimal

Please note this will not require ANY changes to client settings.

Outbound (SMTP) email

For those customers sending email through our system on the Icewarp platform, we do support:


Please contact for further information on setup and configuration.

VMware virtualization

Virtualization is now a core part of our platform. Not only are we virtualizing almost all our systems, we have also found that new and old customers really benefit from running a reliable virtual server (VPS).

The internal virtualization project combines to refresh our hardware and at the same time guarantee better reliability and disaster recovery.