Hosted Exchange - Business Class Email services

Chinook Webs offers two levels of Hosted Exchange email services. Our shared service is great for smaller organizations and our dedicated server (VPS) is suitable for organizations that require more performance or greater control.

What is Hosted Exchange?  Exchange is the most popular business email system. It is used for email, calendaring, task management, address lists, shared documents and a superior smartphone platform (activesync). When you select Exchange hosting services you can expect to reduce messaging / collaboration costs, without losing the security and control of the traditional in-house solution.

Chinook Webs offers this service using enterprise-grade infrastructure and security.Our local Calgary datacentre is  secure and fast, plus we use BGP routing to avoid disruptive downtime.  (BGP provides redundant data routes).

Shared Exchange Email:

Each mailbox comes with 50 GB of storage  for only $9.88 per month.

Included features:
- World class anti-spam and anti-virus filtering provided by our Barracuda servers
- Activesync for total smartphone compatibility (including Apple Iphones)
- Fully managed service that includes direct end user support
- Hosted in Calgary, Alberta Canada
- Fully compatible with outlook
- 100 MB total  individual message size

To order this product or get more information , simply call us at 403-457-6382

Dedicated Server (VPS) Exchange Hosting

Chinook Webs provides dedicated Exchange Servers for organization that need more than shared can provide. We build out the virtual private server on our highly reliable fault tolerant hardware. We will work with you to get the exact right balance of power and performance. One of the many benefits of a VPS solution is the ability to split roles in Exchange, for example a client access server separate from the mailbox server. Also, for organizations that have Active Directory the Exchange service can be integrated to allow single sign on.

To order this product or get more information , simply call us at 403-457-6382