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DNN (Dotnetnuke) - Content Management System

DotNetNuke is now called DNN. It is a flexible and powerful content management system based on the  ASP.NET framework.  DNN separates the code from the appearance. This allows the user to apply an immense variety of "skins" which makes your site sizzle and pop. Underneath the look and feel (the skin) the code is the same.

DNN started out as an open source project and today there are two branches. A community edition which is free to use and a professional edition that is sold and supported by DNN Corp.

Chinook Webs has been using and promoting DNN for many years and we not only offer a platform that is compatible, we can also often offer tips to get the most out of the software.  This content management system will appeal to the more "techy" type of user including users and developers that are experienced with MIcrosoft based programming.  The application itself is stable and has experienced very few security issues over the years.

To "properly" run dnn, you need a windows 2008 or better server and it is highly recommend to use a Microsoft SQL database server. Although SQL express works, your site will be more responsive with a higher edition.

Here are some numbers for your consideration:

DNN Lite 
-1 GB storage space
- 10 GB of Data Transfer
- 5 basic POP3 email accounts
- 100 MB Microsoft Express Database (2008 or better)

                                               Yearly $240.00

DNN Pro Plan
- 4 GB storage space
- 15 GB of Data Transfer
- 5 basic POP3 email accounts
- 300 Mb SQL Web edition (database hosted on a separate server, daily backups)

                                                Yearly $300.00


Keep Dnn up to date  with our update service. We backup your data, then do the upgrade for you. Call us for details at 403-457-6382 and request a quote.