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The Staff

Wolfgang Leonhardt

Founder and president of the company. Has been involved in the technology field since the mid 1980's. Passions include computers and more computers.

I am open to engaging with my customers on social platforms.  I can be found on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wolf.leonhardt, feel free to send me a friend request.

Donna Pride

Handles all billing and renewal functions.

David Leonhardt

Assists in technical support issues. Passions include video and modern gaming.


About Chinook Webs

Effective March 1, 2016 Chinook Webs Inc is now an Atrematech company. Same great service, just more!

Chinook Webs is a privately owned web hosting company, with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta which is close to the Rocky Mountains. We draw inspiration from our location, in that a web server and a web hosting company should be as strong and unique as the mountains and yet offer a personal experience when it comes to support.

Our company has been involved in providing technology solutions since 1992. Begining in 2001 our focus has shifted entirely to web hosting, ecommerce , domain name registration and web hosting automation. As a result of this focus, our customers benefit from our depth of experience and our implementation of current hosting technology. Fast forward to 2017 and we have evolved. Some of our major areas are Business class email, Wordpress hosting on cpanel based servers, and virtual private servers (VPS) .

Financially we are self-sufficient and profitable guaranteeing our continued presence as a rock solid host that will be here to service customer needs for years to come. We continue to invest in facilities and equipment and especially skills in new emerging techinologies as quickly and prudently as possible.  We also believe strongly that we must own the facilities and the technology in order to provide a superior customer experience. We maintain our own facility within the Rogers Datacentre and we continually update our technical skills in every facet of the hosting business but especially with a strong emphasis on security issues.

We pride ourselves on the high level of support we provide to our customers and we encourage them to remind us of our service level committments should we ever falter. In order to provide the best possible level of support, we use both real live support by telephone and by technological means (email, trouble ticket system etc).

Chinook Webs offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all new shared hosting contracts, this does not include out of pocket expenses such as domain registration or certificates.

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